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    Grand Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    Yuhuan Yize Machinery Factory is a precision metal parts supplier.
    --Professional OEM metal parts supplier in many categories.such as CNC machining parts,CNC turning parts,precision metal parts,stamping parts and punching parts.

    --Especially professional in oil level sight glass,fused windows sights,breather vent plugs,wheel bolts,hydraulic adapters and hydraulic steel oil drain plugs.

    --We focus on the below business:
    1.High gloss cutting drill, high speed CNC and digital control processing.
    2. Both metal and plastic piece parts laser radium carving.
    3. Exterior parts stamping, processing and other piece parts machining.
    4. Pieces of exterior anoding, wiring drawing and printing and other surface treatments
    5.+/-0.01mm tolerance will be controlled.

    --We supply the metal parts in compliance with customized designs by material of:
    Stainless steel, mid steel, Aluminum alloy, Copper and brass, Bronze, Hardened metal.
    --Finish parts surface treatment: Zinc plating, Zinc-Nickel plating, Anodising and Etc.

    --We can realize the customers' idea and design perfectly by our experienced work and keep confidentially meanwhile.
    --Customized drawing are welcome.
    --OEM metal work is welcome.
    --Both the delivery time and service will exceed your expectation.

    Any more qustion,Please contact us for more details about our production capacity which you concern!

      To make your job easier! 

    oil sight glass

    brass gauges

    hydraulic gauges

    breather vent plug

    steel oil drain plug

    aluminum casting

    filler necks

    magnetic oil plug

    aluminum plugs

    hydraulic fittings

    precision parts

    stainless steel part


    Precision machined metal parts,CNC Machining parts, machinery parts, metal spare parts, CNC turned parts

    1) Machined metal parts available in different types

    2) CNC precision metal machined parts with bright polishing finish

    3) Precision machining metal parts in OEM / ODM specifications

    4) Precision machining parts made with zinc steel

    5) Turned parts made by high precision CNC lathe

    6) Precision metal parts for OEM orders.We manufacture metal parts in compliance with customers' designs.

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