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    Oil Level Sight Glass Plug 


    Oil level sight glass,Bulls eye Sight Glass,Fluid level Sight Glass,Circular oil sight Glass

    Oil level indicator sight glass,oil sight gauge,Oil sight windows,Visual level sight glass

    Visual level indicator,Visual level sight gauge,domed shape sight glass.

    Material Body:   Aluminum,Steel,plastic and Brass

    O-Ring: Viton,NBR, and Copper seal

    Glass Thickness: 2mm to 8 mm

    Reflectors: Stainless Steel 304 Reflector

                     (Any type you can chose with reflector or without Reflector,  You also can add float ball.)

    Glass Type: Natural Glass,Tempered Glass and Borosilicate Glass 

    Resist Tempreature Range:-30'C to 120'C

    Pressure Range:  5-50 Bar(0.5MPa to 5 MPa).

    Thread type:NPT,NPTF,UNC,UNF,Metric and BSP(G thread)

    Size: Below you will get the size you wanted.Another size is okay.OEM are welcome.

    Usage:  Pump,Oil Receivers,Gearboxes,Speed Reducer,Compressor and Power Transimission.


    Brass Oil Sight Glass(BSP Metric Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) SW(mm) Max MPa/Temperateru
    GM-BM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 15 5 13 Metric and BSP Thread DIN3869-ED Gaskets for Sealing.  1MPa  /  Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-BM16 M16 M16x1.5 7.5 7 14.5 22 10 19
    GM-BM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 26 14 23
    GM-BM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 8 16 28 15 24
    GM-BM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 9 18 31 20 26
    GM-BM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 9 18 32 20 26
    GM-BM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 37 22 33
    GM-BM33 M33 M33x1.5 11 9 20 40 24 36
    GM-BM42 M42 M42x1.5 12 10 22 52 31 46
    GM-BM60 M60 M60x2 13.5 10.5 24 71 46 62
    GM-BG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7.5 7 14.5 22 10 19
    GM-BG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 26 14 23
    GM-BG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 9 18 32 20 26
    GM-BG10 1" G 1" 11 9 20 40 24 36
    GM-BG114 1-1/4" G1-1/4" 12 9 21 50 35 42
    GM-BG112 1-1/2" G1-1/2" 13 10 23 56 39 48
    GM-BG200 2" G 2" 13 10 23 70 48 60



    Aluminum Oil Sight Glass(Metric & BSP Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) SW(mm) Max MPa/Temperateru
    GM-AM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 15 5 13 Metric and BSP Thread DIN3869-ED Gaskets for Sealing.  1MPa  /  Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-AM16 M16 M16x1.5 7.5 7 14.5 22 10 19
    GM-AM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 26 14 23
    GM-AM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 8 16 28 15 24
    GM-AM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 9 18 31 20 26
    GM-AM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 9 18 32 20 26
    GM-AM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 37 22 33
    GM-AM33 M33 M33x1.5 11 9 20 40 24 36
    GM-AM42 M42 M42x1.5 12 10 22 52 31 46
    GM-AM60 M60 M60x2 13.5 10.5 24 71 46 62
    GM-AG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7.5 7 14.5 22 10 19
    GM-AG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 26 14 23
    GM-AG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 9 18 32 20 26
    GM-AG10 1" G 1" 11 9 20 40 24 36
    GM-AG114 1-1/4" G1-1/4" 12 9 21 50 35 42
    GM-AG112 1-1/2" G1-1/2" 13 10 23 56 39 48
    GM-AG200 2" G 2" 13 10 23 70 48 60



    Hexagon Brass Oil Sight Glass(BSP & Metric Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-BHM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 5 14 1MPa Metric and BSP Thread DIN3869-ED Gaskets for Sealing.  Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-BHM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-BHM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-BHM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 7 15 17 28
    GM-BHM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-BHM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-BHM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 23 36
    GM-BHM33 M33 M33x1.5 11 10 22 25 40
    GM-BHM42 M42 M42x1.5 12 10 22 31 52
    GM-BHM60 M60 M60x2 13 10 23 46 71
    GM-BHG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-BHG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-BHG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-BHG10 1" G 1" 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-BHG114 1-1/4" G1-1/4" 14 10 24 35 50
    GM-BHG112 1-1/2" G1-1/2" 14 11 25 39 55
    GM-BHG200 2" G2" 14 12 26 48 71



    Hexagon Aluminum Oil Level Sight Glass(BSP & Metric Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-AHM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 5 14 1MPa Metric and BSP Thread DIN3869-ED Gaskets for Sealing.  Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-AHM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-AHM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-AHM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 7 15 17 28
    GM-AHM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-AHM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-AHM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 23 36
    GM-AHM33 M33 M33x1.5 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-AHM42 M42 M42x1.5  12  10  22  31  52
    GM-AHM60 M62 M60x2 12 10 23 46  71
    GM-AHG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-AHG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-AHG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-AHG10 1" G 1" 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-AHG114 1-1/4" G1-1/4"  14  10  24  35  50
    GM-AHG112 1-1/2" G1-1/2"  14  11  25  39  55
    GM-AHG20 2" G2" 14 12  26  48 71



    Hexagon Steel Oil Sight Glass Zinc Plated (Metric & BSP)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-SM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 5 14 1MPa Metric and BSP Thread DIN3869-ED Gaskets for Sealing.  Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-SM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-SM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-SM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 7 15 17 28
    GM-SM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-SM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-SM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 23 36
    GM-SM33 M33 M33x1.5 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-SM42 M42 M42x1.5  12  10  22  31  52
    GM-SM60 M60 M60X2  13  10  23  46  71
    GM-SG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-SG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-SG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-SG10 1" G1" 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-SG114 1-1/4" G1-1/4"  14  10  24  35  50
    GM-SG112 1-1/2" G1-1/2"  14  11  25  39  55
    GM-SG20 2" G 2" 14 12 26 48 71



    Circular Brass Oil Sight Glass With Relfector (Metric & BSP)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) H(mm) Max MPa/Temperateru
    GM-CBM16 M16 M16x1.5 2.6 4 8 9 15 22 1MPa  /  Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade ((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-CBM18 M18 M18x1.5 2.6 4 8 9 15 22
    GM-CBM20 M20 M20x1.5 2.6 4 8 11.5 17.5 26
    GM-CBM22 M22 M22x1.5 2.6 4 8 11.5 17.5 26
    GM-CBM24 M24 M24x1.5 2.6 4 8 16 22 30
    GM-CBM26 M26 M26x1.5 2.6 4 8 16 22 32
    GM-CBM27 M27 M27x1.5 2.6 4 8 16 22 32
    GM-CBM30 M30 M30x1.5 2.6 4.5 8.5 20 26 36
    GM-CBM30D M30 M30x2 2.6 4.5 8.5 20 26 36
    GM-CBM33 M33 M33x1.5 2.6 4.5 9 22 28 38
    GM-CBM33D M33 M33x2 2.6 4.5 9 22 28 38
    GM-CBM35 M35 M35x1.5 2.6 4.5 9 25 31 42
    GM-CBM36 M36 M36x1.5 2.6 4.5 9 25 31 42 The glass can make red marking.The reflector can paint white
    GM-CBM42 M42 M42x1.5 3.2 4.5 10 28 34 48
    GM-CBM48 M48 M48x1.5 3.2 5 11 33 39 55
    GM-CBM60 M60 M60x2 4.5 5.5 11 43 49 69
    GM-CBG38 3/8" G 3/8" 2.6 4 8 9 15 22
    GM-CBG12 1/2" G 1/2" 2.6 4 8 11.5 17.5 26
    GM-CBG34 3/4" G 3/4" 2.6 4 8 16 22 32
    GM-CBG100 1" G 1" 2.6 4.5 9 22 28 38
    GM-CBG114 1 1/4" G 1 1/4" 3.2 4.5 10 28 36 48
    GM-CBG112 1 1/2" G 1 1/2" 3.2 5 11 33 39 55
    GM-CBG200 2" G 2" 4.5 5.5 11 43 49 69



    Hexagon Stainless Steel Oil Sight Glass(Metric thread,BSP & NPT)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-SSM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 5 14 1MPa Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade ((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-SSM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-SSM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-SSM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 7 15 17 28
    GM-SSM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-SSM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-SSM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 23 36
    GM-SSM33 M33 M33x1.5 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-SSG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7 7 14 10 22 1MPa Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade ((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-SSG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-SSG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-SSG10 1" G 1" 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-SSG114 1-1/4" G1-1/4" 14 10 24 35 50
    GM-SS38 3/8" NPT 3/8" 16 11 27 11 19 1MPa Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade ((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-SS12 1/2" NPT 1/2" 16.5 11.5 28 13 24
    GM-SS34 3/4" NPT 3/4" 17 12 29 19 28
    GM-SN10 1" NPT 1" 20 12 32 25 35
    GM-SSU116 1 1/16" 1 1/16-12 UN 15 12 27 19 31



    Hexagon Brass Oil Sight glass (NPT Thread)
    Item No. Size(mm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-BN38 3/8" NPT 3/8" 16 11 27 11 19 1MPa Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade ((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-BN12 1/2" NPT 1/2" 16.5 11.5 28 13 24
    GM-BN34 3/4" NPT 3/4" 17 12 29 19 28
    GM-BN10 1" NPT 1" 20 12 32 25 35
    GM-BN114 1-1/4" NPT1-1/4" 20 12 32 35 48
    GM-BN112 1-1/2" NPT1-1/2" 22 13 35 39 56
    GM-BN20 2" NPT 2" 23 13 36 48 66



    Hexagon Steel Oil Sight Glass Zinc Plated (NPT Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-SN38 3/8" NPT 3/8" 16 11 27 11 19 1MPa Below Zero 30 to 120 Centigrade ((FKM/Viton to 180 Centigrade)
    GM-SN12 1/2" NPT 1/2" 16.5 11.5 28 13 24
    GM-SN34 3/4" NPT 3/4" 17 12 29 19 28
    GM-SN10 1" NPT 1" 20 12 32 25 35
    GM-SN114 1-1/4" NPT1-1/4" 20 12 32 35 48
    GM-SN112 1-1/2" NPT1-1/2" 22 13 35 39 56
    GM-SN20 2" NPT 2" 23 13 36 48 66
    GM-SU116 1 1/16" 1 1/16"-12 UNF 15 12 27 19 31



    Domed Hexagon Oil Sight Glass(NPT,BSP & Metric Thread)
    Item No. Size(mm) A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) SW(mm) Temperature
    GM-HDN38 3/8" NPT 3/8" 13 16 11 16 13 24 Metric and BSP Thread DIN38-ED Gaskets for Sealing.    With Borosilicate Glass Below Zero 25 to 200 Centigrade
    GM-HDN12 1/2" NPT 1/2" 14 16 15 18 13 26
    GM-HDN34 3/4" NPT 3/4" 17 16 20 25 15 36
    GM-HDN10 1" NPT 1" 20 16 25 30 15 40
    GM-HDG38 3/8" G 3/8" 10 16 11 16 13 24
    GM-HDG12 1/2" G 1/2" 10 16 13 18 13 26
    GM-HDG34 3/4" G 3/4" 12 16 20 25 15 36
    GM-HDG10 1" G 1" 12 16 25 30 15 40
    GM-HDM16 M16 M16x1.5 10 16 11 16 13 24
    GM-HDM20 M20 M20x1.5 10 16 14 18 13 26
    GM-HDM22 M22 M22x1.5 10 16 15 18 13 26
    GM-HDM26 M26 M26x1.5 11 16 19 25 14 36
    GM-HDM27 M27 M27x1.5 11 16 20 25 15 36
    GM-HDM33 M33 M33x1.5 11 16 25 30 15 40



    Cheap Aluminum Oil Sight Glass With Plastic Glass (Metric & BSP)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) SW(mm) Max Mpa Temperature
    GM-ACM10 M10 M10x1 7 7 14 5 14 0.4MPa Below Zero 20 to 80 Centigrade
    GM-ACM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-ACM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-ACM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 7 15 17 28
    GM-ACM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-ACM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-ACM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 23 36
    GM-ACM33 M33 M33x1.5 12 10 22 25 40
    GM-ACG38 3/8" G 3/8" 7 7 14 10 22
    GM-ACG12 1/2" G 1/2" 8 7 15 16 26
    GM-ACG34 3/4" G 3/4" 9 8 17 20 33
    GM-ACG10 1" G 1" 12 10 22 25 40



    Plastic Oil Sight Glass(BSP & Metric Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) SW(mm) Max MPa/Temperateru
    GM-PM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 9 16 14 22 17 0.4MPa  /  Below Zero 20 to 70 Centigrade
    GM-PM18 M16 M18x1.5 8 9 17 15 25 22
    GM-PM20 M20 M20x1.5 8 9 17 16 27 24
    GM-PM22 M22 M22x1.5 8 9 17 18 27 24
    GM-PM24 M24 M24x1.5 9 9 18 19 31 27
    GM-PM26 M26 M26x1.5 9 9 18 20 31 27
    GM-PM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 9 18 22 36 31
    GM-PM30 M30 M30x1.5 10 9 19 24 36 32
    GM-PM33 M33 M33x1.5 11 8 19 26 41 36
    GM-PM36  M36 M36x1.5 11 11 22 28 46 41
    GM-PM42 M42 M42x1.5 12 12 24 38 52 46
    GM-PM60 M60 M60x2.0 12 16 28 54 71 62
    GM-PG38 G3/8" G3/8" 7 9 16 14 22 17
    GM-PG12 G1/2" G1/2" 8 9 17 18 27 24
    GM-PG34 G3/4" G3/4" 9 9 18 22 36 31
    GM-PG10 G1" G1" 11 8 19 26 41 36
    GM-PG114 G1-1/4" G1-1/4" 11 11 22 28 46 41
    GM-PG134 G1-3/4" G1-3/4" 12 12 24 38 52 46
    GM-PG200 G2" G2" 12 16 28 54 71 66



    Circular Plastic Oil Sight Glass(Metric Thread)
    Item No. Size A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) E(mm) F(mm) Max MPa/Temperateru
    GM-PCM16 M16 M16x1.5 7 8 15 14 20 0.4MPa  /  Below Zero 20 to 70 Centigrade
    GM-PCM27 M27 M27x1.5 9 9 18 22 36
    GM-PCM42 M42 M42x1.5 12 10 22 38 51
    GM-PCM60 M60 M60x2.0 13 12 25 54 66





    Press Fit Plastic Circular Oil Sight Glass
    Item No. Fit Size E(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) A(mm) F(mm) Max MPa/Temperateru
    GM-PP20 20 12 6 9 15 20 22 0.2MPa  /  Below Zero 20 to 70 Centigrade
    GM-PP25 25 16 6 9 15 25 28
    GM-PP32 32 20 7 9 17 32 35
    GM-PP38 38 25 8 9 17 38 40
    GM-PP40 40 28 8 10 18 40 45
    GM-PP45 45 32 10 11 21 45 48
    GM-PP55 55 40 10 11 21 55 58
    GM-PP65 65 50 10 12 22 65 70




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